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Bungee fly online academy is the only 100% international online school about bungee dance and bungee workout. Our method is the original Bungee Fly method. Bungee Fly is an international brand created in Milano by Camilla Lucchini. 

In Bungee Fly Online Academy you will find different bungee video courses for different needs. You can buy different videos about Bungee Fly’s exercises and techniques. If you are also interested to became an offical Bungee Fly Instructor you can choose our online teacher training certification.  

You can study anywhere in the world and you can start with your classes of bungee dance and bungee workout in your country.

Our online teacher training academy. We are more than 3.000 bungee fly instructor in the world!

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About Camilla

Founder Bungee Fly and Course Creator Bungee Fly Online Academy

Camilla is founder of Bungee Fly. She is a coordinator and official master trainer for Bungee Fly Online Academy. She is a professional dancer and teacher of bungee dance and bungee workout. She has dedicated herself to studying all the aspects of Bungee Fly Online Academy.  Camilla will follow you step by step in your online training and you will never be alone.

Testimonials and reviews
Mark from Switzerland

“Bungee Fly Online Academy: great idea! Bungee Fly is the best method about bungee dance and bungee workout. It’s very easy  to learn from the video courses and pdf english manuals are very professional. Congratulations!”

Kate from Mauritius

“I really appreciated Bungee Fly Online Academy. It gives me many ideas for the future. It helped me to structure my lessons, to be more efficient in my work.  I explored new possibilities that I have never tried before especially the double bungee method which was a great experience and completely new for me. Thanks!”

Joanna from Argentina

“I choose Bungee Fly Online Academy to deepen this activity. I am 100% satisfied. The video courses are very professional and Camilla is a very qualified teacher.”

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